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Hair Washing: Daily Routine or Harmful Habit?

Hair Washing: Daily Routine or Harmful Habit?

We should wash our hair no more than twice a week, fact or myth?

There is a popular belief in the haircare community that, if you wash your hair more than twice a week, it can damage your hair. As our beauty expert and RAVI Born To Shine founder, Victoria Carillet States: ‘our hair faces a barrage of pollutants, dirt, and environmental stressors every day, making a personalized approach to hair care essential.’ These pollutants are then brought back into our homes everyday, onto our pillowcases which can then lead to breakouts on our skin.

Assessing Your Scalp Type

To determine the ideal hair wash frequency for you, the first step is to assess your scalp type. Do you tend to lean towards an oily scalp, or is it more on the dry side? If you have an oily scalp, frequent washing might seem necessary to keep the grease at bay. However, overwashing can strip your scalp of its natural oils, leading to a rebound effect where your scalp produces even more oil to compensate. In this case, a gentle balance is key. Opt for a cleansing routine that targets oiliness without over-drying your scalp.

Caring for a Dry Scalp

On the other hand, if you have a dry scalp, washing too often can exacerbate the issue by further stripping away natural oils and causing irritation. Instead, focus on hydrating and nourishing your scalp with moisturising shampoos and conditioners. Consider incorporating scalp massages to stimulate blood flow and promote oil production. For a dry scalp we recommend our RAVI Macadamia Hair Oil with 24k Gold, which can be used as a nourishing scalp mask the night before washing your hair. After wash our macadamia hair oil, leaves your scalp and hair, hydrated and nourished. Click here to check it out!

Experiment and Listen to Your Scalp

Finding the sweet spot for your hair wash routine involves experimentation and listening to your scalp's needs. If your scalp starts to feel itchy or greasy, it might be time for a wash. Conversely, if your hair feels dry and brittle, you might be washing too frequently. Additionally, consider your lifestyle and environment. Do you engage in activities that expose your hair to excess dirt and pollutants? Are you frequently sweating or using styling products? These factors can influence how often you need to wash your hair.

Tailoring Your Hair Care Routine

There's no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to hair washing frequency. Embrace the journey of discovering what works best for your hair and scalp. By tuning into your body's signals and tailoring your hair care routine accordingly, you'll be well on your way to achieving healthy, radiant locks that truly shine.

Remember, your hair is your best accessory—nurture it with care, and shine with RAVI

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