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Born To Shine

‘We cannot stop aging but we can prolong youth’- Victoria Carillet

At RAVI Born To Shine, our name "RAVI" derives from the French word associated with being "delighted".
We strive to embody this sentiment in our products, aiming to bring joy and confidence to our clients.
RAVI Born To Shine creates haircare and skincare products that regenerate and preserve your youth and boost your natural beauty.
Each formula is carefully crafted from the finest ingredients, creating products that achieve real results. Join our RAVI family and preserve your youthful glow with our products.


RAVI Born To Shine was founded by Victoria Carillet. Victoria is a business woman and fashion influencer, who has lived in Vienna for the past 16 years and where she founded RAVI alongside her husband.

Victoria believes that healthy hair is the ultimate accessory for any outfit, which inspired her dream of creating her own haircare line. In the summer of 2022, RAVI Born To Shine introduced its first haircare products. Victoria's main challenge was sourcing ingredients that deliver genuine results. Collaborating with top chemists, each product is formulated with the finest components available and personally tested by Victoria to guarantee the best possible results.

After two years in the beauty market, Victoria expanded RAVI by introducing its first skincare
products, elevating the brand to new heights.


All of the haircare product by RAVI Born To Shine are produced in Tuscany, Italy. Each drop of RAVI carries the Tuscan sun and regenerates your hair. With our unique formulas created from the most potent ingredients on the market, we give your hair real results.

Recently RAVI launched its first skincare line, based on hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is our key secret in preserving your skin's youthfulness and locking in the moisture on a deeper level. It is also a key ingredient suitable for any skin type and for all ages. Our skincare products are the perfect start to your day, to stay confident and glowing. All of RAVI skincare products are produced in Germany.


Grab our hottest product by RAVI Born To Shine Anti-Aging Microstructure Patches.

Our patches are designed and produced in South Korea. Each patch contains 900 microcones with cross-linked hyaluronic acid that penetrates the deeper layers of the skin. Our patches actively combat wrinkles under the eyes, and the results can already be seen within a month,

For full treatment, we advise keeping the patches for a minimum of 4 hours for
the micro-needles to fully dissolve under the skin.


Let's Shine Together

You can use all our services without leaving your home. We are a team of innovators focused on cutting-edge solutions, with the energy and resources to continually upgrade and improve the online shopping experience!

We want to see your results! We are always excited to hear our customers' feedback and to see the real-life results, tag us on social media or send us your feedback via email!

We are always interested in expanding our RAVI products around the globe. Reach out to us for an exciting collaboration opportunity!


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