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The Moon and Women: A Deep Connection

The Moon and Women: A Deep Connection

We, women, are deeply connected to the moon. The lunar cycle influences our own female cycle, creating a powerful bond between us and nature.

RAVI: A Blend of Science and Nature

RAVI stands for science and evidence. Each RAVI formula has been tested and proven effective in two independent laboratories. But why not add the power of nature to scientific research? After all, each of us is a part of nature and feels its influence every day.

For centuries, people have believed that the phases of the moon affect hair growth. Their observations showed that cutting hair during the waning moon period results in poor and slow hair growth, while the waxing moon is considered the ideal time for stimulating hair growth and awakening its vitality.

The New Moon: A Time for Renewal

Modern astrologers confirm these ancient beliefs: yes, the moon's energy can indeed influence our hair. They recommend cutting hair during the new moon to help get rid of negativity accumulated in the past and stimulate the growth of new hair. The new moon symbolizes new beginnings, making it the perfect time to invite new things into your life, including in daily beauty rituals.

The profound influence of the lunar cycle on the human body inspired us to create the Vitality line from RAVI Born To Shine. This special line consists of three meticulously crafted products: shampoo, conditioner, and spray. Each product in the Vitality line works in perfect synergy to combat hair loss and strengthen roots, promoting overall health and luxurious shine. Look at the results from our clients. Check out the before and after photos they have sent us that we are proud of and especially grateful for.

The Power of New Moon in Every Bottle

The Vitality line is not just about hair care. Each product in this line is not only based on the latest scientific advancements but is also produced exclusively during the new moon. We want the powerful energy of this lunar phase to permeate every bottle. We believe that by aligning the creation of our products with the new moon, we harness the power of new beginnings, presenting you with products filled with the essence of renewal and growth.

When you purchase any product from our Vitality line, you receive a certificate indicating the date of the new moon when it was produced. This certificate serves as a reminder of the strong connection between each of us and the nature in which we exist. By including a certificate in every order from RAVI, we openly share with you the special process behind the Vitality line products.

RAVI's Commitment to Natural Beauty

At RAVI Born To Shine, we strive to create products that not only reveal and highlight your beauty but also consider the natural cycles that govern our lives. The Vitality line is a testament to this commitment. We offer you hair care solutions that are as unique and powerful as nature itself.

Embrace the harmony of lunar energy with the Vitality line from RAVI, and let your beauty shine brightly, like a full moon.

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