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Vendor: RAVI Born to Shine

Type: Shampoo

Available: Available

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Customer Reviews

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Me encanta! Producto excelente!

Kann das Produkt auf jeden Fall empfehlen 👍

Ich habe mir das Produkt aus dem Grund bestellt, da ich einen Bart haben wollte. Habe schon eine Dose aufgebraucht und merke schon die ersten Ergebnisse. Wo ich davor im Gesicht gar keine Haare hatte, oder nur leichten Haarpflaum habe ich jetzt schon schwarze Haare. Kann das Produkt auf jeden Fall empfehlen 👍


I tried it on the advice of a friend, and it was a real discovery for me. I immediately fell in love with its natural ingredients, and you know what, it lived up to my expectations! My hair seemed to be transformed - it became stronger, shiny and even seemed to have gained volume. And that's not it! It feels like it gives life to my hair and the texture feels so good. It also seems to me that the scalp has become healthier, cleaner, and even hair growth has become more active.

Susanna Mayer
I’m very happy to have this result

I used to have doubts about these products. But my doctor recommended trying them, so I did. I also started taking hair vitamins from the pharmacy.

Now, for several months, I've been using the RAVI Vitality spray and shampoo. I apply the spray to my scalp 2-3 times a week, 30 minutes before washing my hair; sometimes I leave it on overnight. I feel a slight tingling sensation, but I realized it means the product is working: it helps my hair grow and strengthens them. Moreover, the shampoo cleans my hair perfectly, has a pleasant scent, and, importantly, the bottle is larger - 400 ml instead of the usual 250 ml! Every penny spent on it is justified.

I used to have thin hair, but now they've become thicker. I'm happy with the visible results in the photos. I recommend these products to anyone who wants to strengthen their hair. The key is to use them regularly.

мне нравится всё

я обычно пишу отзывы только если я очень не довольна, но решила исправить свою карму и похвалить то, что мне очень нравится. Пользуюсь уже месяц RAVI Vitality, 2 раза в неделю перед мытьем головы на ночь я наношу спрей, утром мою голову тоже Vitality, закрываю кондиционером из натуральной линии ( там аромат нереальный и хорошо распутывает волосы), никакого результата не ожидала, а зря. Новые волосы проклюнулись, теперь хожу с маленькими антеннами, и на расческе гораздо меньше волос, чем обычно. волосы живые. красивые. спасибо за это чудо.

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RAVI Vitality-Linie

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